Sleep Disordered Breathing or just disordered breathing?

If you suspect or have been medically diagnosed with Sleep Disordered Breathing (that is Snoring or Sleep Apnoea) it is probable that you also have breathing dysfunction when awake.

It should not come as a surprise to you that I have consistently found that those diagnosed with SDB also have ADB. That is Awake Disordered Breathing. Their breathing habit is dysfunctional day and night. It just becomes more obvious once they fall asleep.

Whilst Sleep Disordered Breathing is multi-factoral, it important to remember that breathing is a day and night habit. Would it not be logical to have your breathing tested when awake not just when asleep?

Many clients have quickly discovered that they actually have a day and night breathing disorder and that getting their breathing habit corrected when awake can change their breathing when asleep also.

Are you struggling to use your CPAP or oral sleeping device?

Struggling with CPAP or oral device compliance on a nightly basis is quite common. If this is the case for you then having your breathing habit corrected is highly recommended to increase your capacity to comply with CPAP or as an alternative to it.

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