Those who suffer from anxiety and panic conditions are wise to seek Professional Psychological Training. This is vital to increase mental resilience and promote a relaxed outlook.

However, there can be another side to this equation. Anxiety and panic sufferers may also have undetected breathing dysfunction which can be contributing to their condition. Like anxious thoughts, breathing dysfunction can increase adrenal output triggering the ‘fight or flight’ response.

It is therefore wise to not only address the ‘thinking’ side of the equation but also the ‘breathing’ side. Checking and if need be correcting your breathing habit enables both sides of the anxiety equation to be addressed increasing the likelihood of a positive outcome.
Once a functional breathing habit is established there are also additional simple breathing techniques that can be learnt to induce an even deeper state of relaxation as needed.

Just five simple sessions are needed to establish a breathing habit and additional deep relaxation skills to promote a relaxed body and mind. The sessions are delivered with empathy and are tailored to your needs.

Note: We can also measure changes in your nervous system activity very accurately before, during and after completing breathing training using a Heart Rate Variability Monitor if you so desire.

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