Sufferers of COPD suffer from compromised lung tissue with varying degrees of severity. Regardless of the severity of the condition it is vital that functional breathing mechanics be established. Despite damaged lung tissue many sufferers can establish a functional breathing habit.

Establishing the correct breathing habit can assist in gaining greater control of the condition often reducing day to day symptoms. Such a habit increases Carbon Dioxide and Nitric Oxide in the system.

Carbon Dioxide relaxes the respiratory muscles, reduces airway inflammation and increases oxygen release from the blood into all the tissues of the body. Nitric Oxide also increases blood oxygenation and fights pathogens entering the airways.

Those with COPD are also provided with additional simple breathing strategies for movement to help reduce the day to day symptoms and improve quality of life.

It is vital that COPD sufferers develop a nose to diaphragm habit with a slower respiratory rate. This can be achieved in just a few simple sessions and depending on the severity of the condition some ongoing daily strategies may be recommended for long term results.

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