How to breathe safely in a contaminated world

Air Pollution, atmospheric allergens or airborne contaminates and contagions. Is wearing a face mask your best or only option?? (Sent photo of mate walking along wearing a mask)

Are you struggling with your breathing due to air pollution such as bushfire smoke or coal dust? Does the fire season or spring allergens cause you breathing trouble? Do you want to reduce your risk of exposure to airborne contagions like viruses?

You do not need to wear a face mask every time you leave your home. The best natural way to protect yourself from airborne pathogens, allergens or pollutants is to have optimal breathing bio-mechanics. That is a slow nose to diaphragm breathing habit that intakes minimal air and maximises filtration. This minimises your exposure to what is in the air significantly with every breath you take day and night.

Reducing air intake by just 0.5L per minute through simple habit change will reduce your exposure to what is in the air by over 5,000L in just one week. That is a LOT less air and all it contains inhaled all day and all night, week after week. A mask cannot do that.

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