If you or a family member have an orthodontic condition such as crowded or misaligned teeth. Orofacial therapy is a very choice. A growing number of people are discovering the strong link between teeth and daily habits. Specifically, breathing and postural habits as well as oral and facial habits. To correct orthodontic conditions Breathing Training and Orofacial Therapy is increasingly being employed to accelerate orthodontic outcomes and reduce the risk of orthodontic relapse upon completion of treatment.

Orofacial therapy is simple methodical process of targeted muscular exercises focusing on the function of the tongue and facial muscles. These muscles exert critical forces on developing facial bones and must be functioning correctly to maximise the spacing needed for second teeth to be correctly aligned.

This orofacial program is extremely cost efficient compared to many delivered in dental clinics and requires only a few minutes of daily simple practice for 8 to 12 weeks. It can be completed before and in conjunction with orthodontic treatment and is aimed at establishing the critical factors needed for the development of beautiful teeth:

  1. A constant nasal breathing and relaxed lip seal habit. (See Breathing Training info)
  2. A strong tongue that exerts consistent force in the upper palate
  3. A functional swallow pattern
  4. Functional postural habits

A growing number of Australians are discovering the strong link between teeth alignment and our breathing and oral habits.  Many children inadvertently develop breathing and oral habits that can contribute to dental and orthodontic conditions.  A common outcome being a low weakened tongue and narrow upper palate resulting in teeth crowding or misalignment. Factors leading to these problems can include:

  1. Genetic predisposition
  2. Excessive or chronic mouth breathing habit
  3. Thumb sucking
  4. Dummy use
  5. Bottle rather than breast feeding
  6. Physical trauma through injury or illness
  7. Excessive and/or dysfunctional daily screen habits
  8. Excessive sitting
  9. Adult teeth extractions

Orofacial Therapy is simply the use of specific targeted tongue and facial muscle exercises to correct these dysfunctions and establish functional tongue and facial muscular tone and movement. These muscular forces assist impact the growth and development of orofacial bones such as the upper/lower jaws and mid face. Full growth and development of these orofacial bones promotes the spacing needed for correct alignment of adult teeth.

Very often breathing habit correction is needed as a first critical step prior to Orofacial Therapy.

With functional breathing established Orofacial Therapy is then used. This is targeted exercises aimed at establishing a functional swallow pattern and relaxed functional facial muscles promoting Orofacial Health. This is a key factor in overall health. A healthy mouth is a critical component needed for a healthy body.

This therapy can be employed prior to or in conjunction with Orthodontic treatment and normally involves 4 to 6 sessions with simple take home instructions. A few minutes a day of therapy is normally needed for 8 to 12 weeks for the necessary changes. It can accelerate the orthodontic process and reduces the risk of orthodontic relapse (that is teeth moving back out of alignment following orthodontic treatment).

Be aware that that orofacial myofunctional services are increasingly being delivered through dental and orthodontic clinics and can involve significant fees over an extended time period. In many cases excellent oral myofunctional results can be achieved with minimal financial burden using my step by step program. Three key things simply need to be established and maintained. A functional breathing habit with a consistent lip seal, a functional swallow pattern with the tongue consistently applying muscular force in the upper palate and functional postural habits. These can be established quickly and efficiently to promote better, more efficient orthodontic outcomes.


Dean’s orofacial and breathing program has transformed my daughter Maggie’s life. He was so supportive, the process was simple to follow and was tailored to meet Maggie’s needs. She was a chronic thumb sucker with significant misalignment of her teeth and facial development issues. She also struggled with her breathing. The before and after photos show what a difference Dean has made. Furthermore, these results have been achieved without any orthodontic treatment at all to date.

Lucy (Dora Creek)