If you are looking for a real performance advantage in your sport or have high aerobic fitness goals then book in for this exclusive Elite Performance Breathing Program today. Highly efficient breathing is critical to maximise aerobic training effects. A growing number of up and coming and elite athletes across a wide range of sports are taking up this opportunity because it gets results. The following benefits have been reported by athletes:

  • Significant reduction in breathlessness under load
  • Increased capacity to repeat high intensity efforts with reduced sub maximal recovery time.
  • Reduced Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness following training and competition.
  • Increased capacity to remain calm and focused under competitive pressure.
  • Improved sleep quality and training recovery capacity
  • Reduction or even elimination of chronic respiratory symptoms

This program is delivered in 3 simple modules.

Module 1 – establishes a highly functional breathing habit (5 sessions including biofeedback testing)

Module 2 – focusing on controlled breathing strategies targeting your sport’s specific needs (1 to 2 sessions)

Module 3 – optional aquatic session for water-based sports but also highly beneficial for all athletes.

  • Sessions available in clinic and at your training location for local clients or a modified program including all at home instructions provided on Zoom.


As a result of Dean’s expertise, I cut my 5kim run personal best by over 2mins and 40seconds!  This amazing result was achieved by simply changing the way I breathe.

Gavin (Raymond Terrace)

I play basketball in the US College system but have struggled with breathing both on and off the court for the past 5 years. I have suffered from exercise onset asthma vocal cord dysfunction as well as shortness of breath and chest tightness under exertion. I have also had postural issues. These factors have limited my capacity to train and play at my best. Whilst back home in Australia recently, I took the opportunity to do Deans EPB. Since completing Dean’s program, I am calmer, my postural habits have improved, I have had no symptoms even when training at high intensity and my stamina has increased significantly. I am now ready to perform at my best every time back in the US.

Keegan (Newcastle)