Following your initial consult, should you decide to proceed with breathing training it is based on the very powerful Buteyko Breathing Method. Buteyko is focused a on simple methodical process of correcting dysfunctional breathing.  It quickly results in a new breathing habit of functional breathing bio-mechanics using nose to diaphragm.  Normally four sessions and one follow up session (including post training biofeedback analysis) is needed.  It is available in clinic or home visit for local clients as well as on zoom.


I have always struggled with shortness of breath and believed it was from smoking and being so overweight. I was always tired and exhausted even when using a CPAP every night. Dean’s breathing program has truly transformed my life. I now feel calm, there is no shortness of breath anymore and my CPAP is no longer needed. I also no longer have a horribly dry mouth and throat. It is absolutely fantastic, I am very grateful for what Dean has done for me.

Rachel (Taree)