In addition to first establishing a nose to diaphragm breathing habit further assistance is often needed and is available for those with orthodontic conditions.
A growing number of Australians are discovering that there is a close relationship between Orthodontic Outcomes and our breathing and oral habits. Orofacial Therapy is simply the use of targeted tongue and facial muscle exercises to establish functional muscular tone and movement. These muscular forces assist in the growth and development of orofacial bones such as the upper/lower jaws and mid face. Full growth and development of these orofacial bones promotes the spacing needed for correct alignment of adult teeth.

These simple targeted exercises assist in establishing a functional swallow pattern and relaxed functional facial muscles promoting Orofacial Health. This is a key factor in overall health. A healthy mouth goes hand in hand with a healthy body.

This therapy can be employed prior to or in conjunction with Orthodontic Treatment and only takes a few minutes a day normally for 8 to 12 weeks. It can accelerate the orthodontic process and reduces the risk of orthodontic relapse (that is teeth moving back out of alignment following orthodontic treatment.

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